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27/04/2007    More Democracy = More Happiness

A new academic study suggests that direct democracy makes people happier

14/02/2007    Put road pricing to public vote

The Prime Minister should hold a referendum on the issue of road pricing following the million people signing a petition on 10 Downing Street's website.

09/02/2007    Supply side politics

The Centre for Policy Studies has published a new pamphlet advocating the introduction of Citizens' Initiatives as a way of reinvigorating democracy.

13/12/2006    Two thirds of Brits back referendums

A new opinion poll by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust has found that two thirds of people support the kind of Citizens' Initiatives backed by OUR SAY

01/12/2006    Trident decision should be made by public

The decision to replace Trident with a new nuclear deterrent should be made by the British people and not left to politicians to decide alone.

24/11/2006    Swiss vote set to increase child benefit

Swiss citizens voted on two new Initiatives in late November - to increase child benefit and provide financial support for new EU states

16/11/2006    No. 10 e-petition idea is timid and inadequate

Saira Khan believes that the new initiative to allow citizens to sign petitions for various causes does not go anywhere near far enough

13/11/2006    European Citizens' Initiatives

A new group campaigning for EU citizens to be allowed the right to trigger a referendum has been set up

06/11/2006    Citizens' Initiatives in America

Britain must learn from America if it wants to tackle disillusionment with politics by copying the Citizens’ Initiatives widely used in the USA

26/10/2006    White Paper is a "missed opportunity"

The Government's latest proposals to reform local government are a huge missed opportunity according to Saira Khan as they fail to give people any real say over local political decisions.

14/09/2006    Taking the campaign direct to the politicians

Saira Khan has been speaking at fringe meetings at the three main Party Conferences over the past few weeks.

02/09/2006    Major new campaign launched

A major new campaign, OUR SAY, has been launched to push for a much greater use of referendums on issues of public interest. OUR SAY is the brainchild of Saira Khan, star of The Apprentice and commentator on current affairs.

01/09/2006    What is OUR SAY proposing?

OUR SAY’s proposals are based on the “citizens’ initiatives” ideas in the POWER Inquiry report published in February 2006. Similar systems operate successfully in many other countries, notably Switzerland, New Zealand, Poland and parts of the USA.

28/08/2006    New poll shows voters turned off party politics

A new poll conducted by ICM Research has found that half of all voters have turned their backs on political parties.


Do you want to "punish" the PM?

Ever wanted to make politicians feel the true impact of their policies?  Or think that too many MPs live in their own world, isolated from the daily experiences of the rest of the population? Over-crowded tubes, dangerous streets, endless tax bills... the list is endless.  Well, now you have the chance to get your own back. OUR SAY has developed a new website that lets you make Gordon Brown live in the real world - and you can sign our petition to support citizens initiatives at the same time. So if you want to "punish" the PM, click here.

Gordon Brown endorses Citizens  Initiatives at a local level

In his first major speech on constitutional changes, the Prime Minister Gordon Brown has given a clear indication of his support for Citizens Initiatives at a local level.  Gordon Brown proposed in the speech on 3rd July that people would be able to initiate changes at a local level through a new "community right to call for action" as well as new powers to give electors a vote on spending decisions over neighbourhood and youth budgets. In September, the Conservatives produced similar proposals, again endorsing local referendums, in their Quality of Life policy proposals.

Zac Goldsmith endorses local referendums

The renowned environmental campaigner, Zac Goldsmith, has backed local referendums as a means of giving people a say over community wide issues.  In an article in the Daily Telegraph, Zac Goldsmith argues that planning issues are the best type of decision to be made by local polls. To read the full article, click here.

More Democracy = More Happiness

A new study by Professor Matt Qvortrup has established a link between direct  democracy and happiness.  The study, entitled the Voting Happiness Index, found that people living US states that used Citizens' Initiatives were significantly happier than those that did not use this form of direct democracy.  Click here for the full story.

To read the Voting Happiness Index click here

Put road pricing to public vote

The Government should put any road pricing proposals to a public vote following the news that one million people had signed a petition on the 10 Downing Street e-petition website opposing a road pricing scheme.  Saira Khan thinks that letting the public decide would ensure that all the arguments were properly debated and would be a real legacy for the Prime Minister to leave.  For the full story click here.  Read Charles Moore's piece on the issue in this week's Spectator or Martin Bright in the New Statesman.  Saira has also written a piece in The Guardian.

Why not support OUR SAY's petition for Citizens' Initiatives - you can log onto  Downing Street's website here.

Time for supply side politics?

The Centre for Policy Studies has published a new pamphlet, Supply side politics, advocating the introduction of Citizens' Initiatives as a way of tackling disillusionment with democracy.  The book is written by Professor Matt Qvortrup and argues that if Britain were to introduce this form of direct democracy it would increase turnout and improve the quality of political decisions.  Copies of the book are available from the CPS website or more information here or read Peter Riddell's piece in The Times.

Helena Kennedy supports Citizens' Initiatives to revive democracy

Helena Kennedy has backed Citizens Initiatives to help revive democracy in Britain. Her support came as part of the launch of a new campaign - makeitanissue - around the proposals contained in the Power Inquiry's report last year.  In an article in The Independent, she argues that it is time for politicians to share some power: "from climate change to crime, people want a proper debate and want contribute to decisions".  Read Helena's article in The Independent here or log onto the Power Inquiry's campaign here. 

Campaign launch wins support

OUR SAY was launched in September 2006 to push for much greater use of referendums on issues of public interest.  The campaign is the brainchild of Saira Khan, star of The Apprentice and commentator on current affairs.  Saira's article in The Times - click here - outlines how "citizen's initiatives" offer a constructive way of giving people a renewed stake in the democratic process at a time when confidence in politics in Britain is at a low ebb. The campaign has attracted supporters from across the political spectrum.

Click here for more info >

Click here to download the campaign flyer >